Published on Mon Sep 27 2021

GPU Accelerated Batch Multi-Convex Trajectory Optimization for a Rectangular Holonomic Mobile Robot

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We present a batch trajectory optimizer that can simultaneously solve hundreds of different instances of the problem in real-time. We consider holonomic robots but relax the assumption of circular base footprint. Our main algorithmic contributions lie in: (i) improving the computational tractability of the underlying non-convex problem and (ii) leveraging batch computation to mitigate initialization bottlenecks and improve solution quality. We achieve both goals by deriving a multi-convex reformulation of the kinematics and collision avoidance constraints. We exploit these structures through an Alternating Minimization approach and show that the resulting batch operation reduces to computing just matrix-vector products that can be trivially accelerated over GPUs. We improve the state-of-the-art in three respects. First, we improve quality of navigation (success-rate, tracking) as compared to baseline approach that relies on computing a single locally optimal trajectory at each control loop. Second, we show that when initialized with trajectory samples from a Gaussian distribution, our batch optimizer outperforms state-of-the-art cross-entropy method in solution quality. Finally, our batch optimizer is several orders of magnitude faster than the conceptually simpler alternative of running different optimization instances in parallel CPU threads. textbf{Codes:} url{}