Published on Fri Jun 04 2021

PoDT: A Secure Multi-chains Consensus Scheme Against Diverse Miners Behaviors Attacks in Blockchain Networks

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As cross-chain technologies make the interactions among different blockchains (hereinafter "chains") possible, multi-chains consensus is becoming more and more important in blockchain networks. However, more attention has been paid to the single-chain consensus schemes. The multi-chains consensus with trusted miners participation has been not considered, thus offering opportunities for malicious users to launch Diverse Miners Behaviors (DMB) attacks on different chains. DMB attackers can be friendly in the consensus process of some chains called mask-chains to enhance trust value, while on other chains called kill-chains they engage in destructive behaviors of network. In this paper, we propose a multi-chains consensus scheme named as Proof-of-DiscTrust (PoDT) to defend against DMB attacks. Distinctive trust idea (DiscTrust) is introduced to evaluate the trust value of each user concerning different chains. A dynamic behaviors prediction scheme is designed to strengthen DiscTrust to prevent intensive DMB attackers who maintain high trust by alternately creating true or false blocks on kill-chains. On this basis, a trusted miners selection algorithm for multi-chains can be achieved at a round of block creation. Experimental results show that PoDT is secure against DMB attacks and more effective than traditional consensus schemes in multi-chains environments.