Published on Mon Jun 28 2021

EROSITA Spectro-Imaging Analysis of the Abell 3408 Galaxy Cluster

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The X-ray telescope eROSITA onboard the newly launched SRG mission serendipitously observed the galaxy cluster A3408 () during the PV observation of the AGN 1H0707-495. Despite its brightness and large extent, it has not been observed by any modern X-ray observatory. A neighbouring cluster in NW direction, A3407 (), appears to be close at least in projection ( Mpc). This cluster pair could be in a pre- or post-merger state. We perform a detailed X-ray analysis of A3408. We construct particle background subtracted and exposure corrected images and surface brightness profiles in different sectors. The spectral analysis is performed out to . Additionally, a temperature map is presented depicting the distribution of the ICM temperature. Furthermore, we make use of data from the RASS to estimate some bulk properties of A3408 and A3407, using the growth curve analysis method and scaling relations. The imaging analysis shows a complex morphology of A3408 with a strong elongation in SE-NW direction. This is quantified by comparing the surface brightness profiles of the NW, SW, SE and NE directions, where the NW and SE directions show a significantly higher surface brightness compared to the other directions. We determine a gas temperature keV. The T-profile reveals a hot core within of the emission peak, keV. Employing a M-T relation, we obtain iteratively. The of A3407 and A3408 are found to overlap in projection which makes ongoing interactions plausible. The 2d T-map reveals higher temperatures in W than in E direction. A3407 and A3408 are likely in a pre-merger state, affecting the ICM properties, i.e., increased temperatures in the direction of A3407 indicate adiabatic compression or shocks due to the interaction.