Published on Mon Jun 28 2021

The eROSITA Final Equatorial Depth Survey (eFEDS): The X-ray catalog

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Context. The eROSITA X-ray telescope onboard the Spectrum-Roentgen-Gamma (SRG) observatory combines a large field of view and collecting area in the energy range 0.2 to 8.0 keV with the capability to perform uniform scanning observations of large sky areas. Aims. SRG/eROSITA performed scanning observations of the 140 square degrees eROSITA Final Equatorial Depth Survey (eFEDS) field as part of its performance verification phase. The observing time was chosen to slightly exceed the depth of equatorial fields after the completion of the eROSITA all-sky survey. We present a catalog of detected X-ray sources in the eFEDS field providing source positions and extent information, as well as fluxes in multiple energy bands and document a suite of tools and procedures developed for eROSITA data processing and analysis, validated and optimized by the eFEDS work. Methods. A multi-stage source detection procedure was optimized and calibrated by performing realistic simulations of the eROSITA eFEDS observations. We cross-matched the eROSITA eFEDS source catalog with previous XMM-ATLAS observations, confirming excellent agreement of the eROSITA and XMM-ATLAS source fluxes. Result. We present a primary catalog of 27910 X-ray sources, including 542 with significant spatial extent, detected in the 0.2-2.3 keV energy range with detection likelihoods , corresponding to a point source flux limit of erg/cm/s in the 0.5-2.0 keV energy band. A supplementary catalog contains 4774 low-significance source candidates with detection likelihoods between 5 and 6. In addition, a hard band sample of 246 sources detected in the energy range 2.3-5.0 keV above a detection likelihood of 10 is provided. A description of the dedicated data analysis software, calibration database and standard calibrated data products is provided in appendix.