Published on Fri Jan 08 2021

Answer Counting under Guarded TGDs

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We study the complexity of answer counting for ontology-mediated queries and for querying under constraints, considering conjunctive queries and unions thereof (UCQs) as the query language and guarded TGDs as the ontology and constraint language, respectively. Our main result is a classification according to whether answer counting is fixed-parameter tractable (FPT), W1-equivalent, #W1-equivalent, #W2-hard, or #A2-equivalent, lifting a recent classification for UCQs without ontologies and constraints due to Dell et al. The classification pertains to various structural measures, namely treewidth, contract treewidth, starsize, and linked matching number. Our results rest on the assumption that the arity of relation symbols is bounded by a constant and, in the case of ontology-mediated querying, that all symbols from the ontology and query can occur in the data (so-called full data schema). We also study the meta-problems for the mentioned structural measures, that is, to decide whether a given ontology-mediated query or constraint-query specification is equivalent to one for which the structural measure is bounded.