Published on Sun Oct 10 2021

Securing music sharing platforms: A Blockchain-Based Approach

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From online education and trading, all aspects of our lives are affected by digital technology. Among them, the storage of music has also entered the digital era. Music productions created by artists have brought great joy to people. However, when artists upload their works, they are most downloaded and reprinted by others, and copyright information and the issue associated with the sharing of music arise. This will have a significant negative impact on the enthusiasm and motivation of artists. This paper provides an internet database platform for artists, which uses the distributed and tamper-proof technology of Ethereum blockchain to store music works, protect the copyright information of each album or music produced by artists in the music industry. Design and implementation of the system model and data storage are proposed and data storage processes based on the Ethereum smart contract are demonstrated in detail. The system stores music information on the blockchain network, using the smart contract to provide artists with a fast and efficient royalty payment. Node.js is applied to carry out the experiments of our system, and we test Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) with available account and private keys for contract development and use block explorer to track music information on the blockchain. Our system enables copyright revenue to be attributed to music creators that helps to eliminate the illegal uploading of music on other websites.