Published on Fri May 07 2021

Element Abundance Analysis of the Metal-rich Stellar Halo and High-velocity Thick Disk in the Galaxy

Based on the second Gaia data release (DR2) and APOGEE (DR16) spectroscopic surveys, wedefined two kinds of star sample: high-velocity thick disk (HVTD) with $v{\phi}>90km/s$ and metal-richstellar halo (MRSH) with $v{\phi}<90km/s$. Due to high resolution spectra data from APOGEE (DR16),we can analyze accurately the element abundance distribution of HVTD and MRSH. These elementsabundance constituted a multidimensional data space, and we introduced an algorithm method forprocessing multi-dimensional data to give the result of dimensionality reduction clustering. Accordingto chemical properties analysis, we derived that some HVTD stars could origin from the thin disk,and some MRSH stars from dwarf galaxies, but those stars which have similar chemical abundancecharacteristics in both sample may form in-situ.